Exhibition View @HFBK Hamburg during Annual Show 2024
pt. I (1+2) - Erasure - UV-print on aluminium - 50,5 x 28 x 1,2 cm
pt. II (1) - Transformation - aluminium, biomaterial, plastics - 70 x 140 x 30 cm
pt. II (2) - Transformation - aluminium, biomaterial plastics, 50,5 x 53 x 20 cm
The two-part installation explores personal and collective identities in space. An artificially produced skin, made from a 3D scan of the artist's body is framed into two sculptural wall reliefs, accompanied by two photographs. They evoke the interplay of internal and external factors in identity building and the inevitable sense of alienation from the body in times of change.
Text by Aleksandra Martens
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